eglobal BeautÉ Research Center in Collaboration with EGLOBAL Biotech USA

eglobal Cosmetic Inc. was founded in 1997. With its success in the industry, they expanded their U.S. operations establishing eglobal Biotech USA in early 2009, with headquarters in Maine. eglobal Cosmetic has extensive experience in manufacturing and developing premium quality skin care products. The latest patented ingredients used for our special skincare products are supplied by well-known laboratories in Europe.
eglobal Beauty Research Center works seamlessly with Lab of eglobal Cosmetic and eglobal Biotech to research and develop state-of-the-art skin care solutions for our customers.
eglobal Cosmetic and eglobal Biotech are committed to develop innovative skin care technologies. They have been investing considerable efforts in developing advanced formulas to improve product effectiveness. They work closely with prestigious universities in the field of advanced scientific technologies development to ensure the natural ingredients and bio-actives remain stable during the formulation process. Patents for manufacturing sterilization procedures are acquired from the E.U. and from the U.S.. Products developed by eglobal Cosmetic and eglobal Biotech are highly praised by professional Spas, dermatology clinics, skin care vendors and distributors.