Development & Formulation

• Quality Brand Name in the Skin Care Industry.  Highest Quality Ingredients, Effective Products.
• Products are developed based on FDA guidelines and under the supervision of our Product Development Committee.
• Collaboration with well established suppliers to obtain patented and high quality ingredients.
• Our products contain only safe and natural bio-active ingredients.
• Carefully monitor each step of the process from developing products, selecting suppliers to ensure ingredients’ origins and
  reliability, to products manufacturing and packaging. 
• 100% UV ray sterilization technology is used in manufacturing and packaging procedures to ensure that all equipment and
  containers are free from bacteria and in compliance with good manufacturing practice.
• Our quality control team works closely with SGS certified laboratories to conduct tests for micro-organisms, heavy metal
  content analysis and active ingredients tests to ensure that our products are compliant with the highest quality standards.
• $1,000,000.00 Product Liability Insurance issued by The Hartford Insurance Company.